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Robbie Harrison

Helping people explore & restore their 
natural strength for the long-term
so that they feel Strong, Confident & Capable



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Strength from the inside out

Imagine knowing your body well enough that you could powerfully focus your muscle energy on any given movement in split second, that you have control to relax your body with ease, and that movement feels connected and natural.

Would this put a smile on your face? I will get you there.


Navitas means energy. 

Movement should give energy, not take it away, we want to feel like we worked, but not destroyed like some other training systems.
 The focus is on shorter, focused sessions to get you results. Simplicity is key here, repeating and practicing good quality movements - simple, not easy. You can unleash something truly different.
Connection & foundations are important, many people lack these, always with aches, pains and niggles. Poor foundations mean everything built on top is sub-optimal and limiting in your potential. In my coaching I cover breath-work, groundwork and core strength to improve long-term posture and mobility. This is essential if you want to remain active and athletic.

How to move weight is a skill, strength is a skill. Many people forgot this, moving A to B with the heaviest thing. Resulting in either injury or inconsistent progress. Kettlebell training, is a uniquely powerful approach. Simple yet complex, you can train anywhere. They can build strength, muscle, mobility all in one.

I love food, it's a pleasure. I was a passionate professional chef for 15 years before being a Personal Trainer, therefore I know how to really make food work to your benefit, quickly. Life is too long for bad health but too short for bad food. If you feel this is an area you want to get sorted we can explore this too.


  • A more complete, lean and athletic physique.

  • Improved work capacity & General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for your sports/occupational demands.

  • Learn to improve your body posture and connection with Kettlebell specialist techniques.

  • Gain transferable functional fitness, strength skills and techniques for other areas of life.

  • Improved total health: mobility, mood, energy, sleep

  • Empower yourself by understanding how to maintain, improve and continue your practice

Turkish Get-up with Barbell


Back pain, injuries and high-intensity training. I use to suffer from all of them.

At 25 I had back pain from walking for an hour because of poor training and pushing too hard, mentally I was exhausted as I felt I had something to prove, I thought high-intensity and destroying myself was the only way to be 'strong'. 


Now in my 30s I'm stronger than I ever have been - in all ways imaginable.

I had finally had enough, I wanted to change as I was at breaking point, not believing I could make progress. StrongFirst helped me find my passion, strength, and energy through their training certification and since then I have only wanted to help others find a smarter path, one where you are not destroyed every time when you train, but feel strong, complete & ready - now I can run a 10km and single arm press 48kg

Putting the two together seemed logical and the best way. Kettlebells and Cooking strike a balance of simplicity and effectiveness and has helped countless clients with their results.

I amcertified SFG2 kettlebell instructor from Strongfirst, the school of strength. Their principles underpin the training approach, where strength has a greater purpose - building form, function, strength, resilience and building outwards. I am a fully qualified and insured Level 3 Personal Trainer too. The use of bodyweight & the kettlebell offer an unrivalled training approach to building a stronger body and mindset. I have had over 15 years experience as a professional chef as well as completing a level 4 AfN accredited nutrition course.


Online personal training is effective, valuable and flexible - training anywhere in the world and keep making progress.

I like to create a friendly and professional environment that works for all my clients, life can be stressful and I want you to enjoy your experience but still work hard. I love food, end of. I want to get you shopping, cooking & eating healthier food without sacrificing your tastebuds!

Eat Better, Train Smart



1 Arm Kettlebell Press
Salmon with grilled vegetable and couscous
Robbie Harrison Personal Trainer


  • Fully coached 121 sessions with me for technique, accountability and motivation to keep you on track

  • A customised and measured training plan for your goals that we monitor and review regularly to ensure progress

  • All material is shared and accessible online

  • Contact directly with me is available outside of sessions for video/audio/chat for questions and help

  • A Food & Nutrition and Movement Fundamentals booklet to build your knowledge and confidence so that you can feel strong and in control 

  • Free access to all online seminars and events to enhance your learning experience and results

  • A professional, enjoyable coaching experience!

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