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Take back your body

30-Day Turkish Get-up + Core strength Course

20 minutes a day. My promise to you: restore mobility & discover your strength. Master a movement.

Build new foundations 


Who is this for?

I couldn't keep up with everything, so everything fell apart. After years of Crossfit and various other methods I was exhausted, I trained even though my body said no, 'being weak' and injuries were constantly present. I was sluggish, in-pain and had no time.

I needed to rebuild.

A Kettlebell instructor changed my perspective on training, let me feel strong and in control again. One of the movements was the TGU, it was hard to begin with but I realised that I had no control of my body, I started to become more aware of my joint positions and mobility.


It is a perfect tool to measure and build the body's daily energy and movement capacity. It's a movement that KEEPS giving. I can feel tight spots and tension that need working on. It's an ideal way to connect your body and your mind to it.  After 5 years I continue to practice and improve it.

This why I love teaching it and explaining the intricacies and helping people build themselves from the ground-up.

It's a liberating & strong movement.

Over 30 days I will coach you through a step-by-step process so you can feel more confident, strong and capable. Focusing on technique, positioning and internal feedback to restore strength, joint health and muscle capability throughout the body.

  • Ideal for athletes and dedicated gym-goers who want to continue long-term performance without losing more mobility and keep having consistent less pain. Have you been training hard for a long-time, just 'pushing-through' sessions with motivation and mobility flat-lining?

  • Kettlebell lovers who want to do things properly, have a single, clear and in-depth source to master the TGU from and want to improve their general handling and skill of the Kettlebell from an experienced StrongFirst Level 2 instructor.

Why focus on the TGU?


  • A simple antidote to a stiff body. Improves shoulder and hip mobility, reduces back pain.

  • A functional routine with a variety of skills that complement other training and day-to-day tasks

  • A cornerstone kettlebell movement to learn

  • You can modify the movement to emphasise development in different qualities: strength, mobility, coordination, proprioception, and control.


  • Creates a solid base for continuity into further training. It is perfect for warm-ups, strength, conditioning, or even mobility work in itself.​

Turkish Get-up Group.jpg

Course Features


  • Joining a supportive and friendly community. You can ask questions within the group and with me personally for ongoing feedback and coaching

  • 121 personal session available during the course for personalised feedback and coaching.

  • Videos from me explaining the week ahead which will be available if you can’t make it. There are additional materials to read and enhance your training with.

  • Lifestyle and nutrition guidance to support your journey with an opportunity to join an online cooking workshop with me.

  • A weekly workout plan giving you the structure for the week with scalable exercises depending on your ability

  • Course hub with all the tools you need: mobility, recovery, training principles and more

  • Lifetime access

  • Money-back Guarantee if you make no progress after 2 weeks

How much is it?


  • The course is a repeatable and progressive 30-day programme

  • You get lifetime access to a bundle of resources and support throughout

  •  1:1 session with me is INCLUDED

  • There is a money back guarantee if you feel no different after the course.


I am very proud and excited to offer this. I LOVE the movement and love teaching it, I want you to have those 'ah-ha' moments. The TGU is challenging and frustrating for many. If you can get this right, anything can be built upon. 

When does it start?

10th of January 2024 for group coaching - Sign-up below to get on board. You will receive further details and links from me after payment has been confirmed.



Basic Requirements


  • Anyone can start it, there are no exact pre-requisites of experience, it is scalable for any level. 


  • You need access to 2x kettlebells minimum. One lighter, and one as a ‘working weight’ that you can hold overhead, locked out, for 1 minute. If you want to make the best of your time, I suggest having access to additional weight ranges from a gym or in your home. For example, and as a reference, I use 24kg-32kg as working weights, 16kg-20kg for lighter work.


  • You can do this at home or in the gym.​

  • Your health and physical ability can only be invested in by you, no one can do the work for you. You need to commit up to 20 minutes per day – everyone should be able to find time for that.


  • Access to apps like Telegram, Zoom, Instagram, Notion and access to PDFs. I recommend the app SmartWOD Timer for exercise and time keeping – its free and available for Apple or Android.


  • Be present, put your energy in and be proud of it! Share your progress in the group and support others.

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